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LFSTeam Cruise - Command List

Below is the list of commands available on the server

!pid - Displays your habilitation, where you can view your plate and the identity number of your habilitation.

!stats - Displays your player statistics for all online players, including:
- Your money;
- Your cars;
- Identity number of your qualification, together with your class, after the -.

!belt - Sharpens your seat belt, when stopped by a police officer, do not get a fine due to it.
It also prevents fatalities when a fatal accident occurs, without being buckled.

!gps - Show map assistent.

!uber - Show Uber panel, when connected with android smartphone, sane start a new trip until a random destiny selected automatic.

!cancel - Cancel your current job/delivery.

!call - Call rescue to your position, with objective of be rescued.

!donate - Open a money donate panel between players.

Any questions, access our Discord and contact our Support for more information.


- Team T.E.A.M. Community thanks for the attention!

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